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1. -Five Grace Bridges                           31.52

2. -Stop Counting                                   56.43

3. -Butter and Honey                              22.14

4. -Only Begotten Life                           28.24

5. -Three Regenerated Experiences       43.01      

6. -Commodities                                    30.23

7. -Double Portion                                 38.26

8. -Golden Rule                                     24.30

Foundational Course On Christian Maturity And Victory

This 8 message series is designed to help believers arrive at the place where the power of the Grace of God is predominant in their lives, to show how our Christian experience fits with the teachings of the Bible, how to overcome temptation, know the supernatural power of the Life that is in them, bonding to Jesus, having power to minister, and recognizing the power of God’s original creation goals now redeemed in people and even in cultures.

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