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Welcome to the teaching ministry of David J. Keyser  (BS, MS, MDiv, ThM, PhD.)     Tap or Click HERE for Resume.

Free Resources - Audio files and eBooks

You can probably download audio files of my messages right from their listings on this site.  If you have trouble downloading audio files email me and I will send them to you as an email attachment. In case you need it my email address is davidjkeyserphd@bellsouth.net

My latest novel, The Patriots’ Gift, is HERE.

You can download 6 of my eBooks free here:

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Hear Their Tiny Cries 

10.95 258p   eBook  5.95

Endearing, touching and poignant, this novel reveals a higher calling to all, make a difference and stop the mass murder called "abortion," highlighting the fact that all children are gifts from God with unique abilities.

Great Scot

9.95  90p  eBook 4.95

The true story and teaching of Edward Irving, the Scottish preacher who was used by God to start the Irvingite Pentecostal movement in 1830.

Pentecost 1830

9.95 98p eBook 4.95
In 1830 the "Irvingite" revival broke loose and many received the Spirit in the West coast of Scotland and in Irving's Scottish church in London.

Three Little Reign Books  

46-68 pages each.

4.95   eBook 99 cents  Free here.

Reign: The Beginning

Reign, The Beginning is the story of the beginning of the Reign and of the young woman who became the first Keeper of the records. Her first encounter with the Emperor sets the tone for the series. Chapter 1 Of Reign I, Chapter 2 Of Reign: The Millennium

The Pardon

The Pardon is about the third Keeper and the Imperial Pardon for his wife who started out as a member of an outlaw family. Chapter 1 Of Reign II,  Chapter 4 Of Reign: The Millennium

Saint Francis And Friends

St. Francis And Friends is about animals during the Reign in a world full of mortals, Immortals, and visible angels. There are a few important differences between the animals of the Reign and animals today. Chapter 6 Of Reign II, Chapter 11 Of Reign: The Millennium.

Purchase other books:

The Reign Books, Novels: Reign: We See Him As He Is (Reign I)
9.95 230p eBook 7.95; Reign II: A Story Of The Seventh Millennium
13.95 274p eBook 7.95 ; Reign: The Millennium (Double Book)
16.95 492p eBook 8.95.   

When the Emperor returned after his long absence in the other realm, he immediately subdued the entire earth by his glorious power. He established his capital at the ancient city of Jerusalem and appointed rulers over the earth.

Elika Of Harod

136p 9.95  eBook  4.95

Elika was one of King David's Mighty Men. He is listed as one of the Mighty in the Biblical book of II Samuel. However, in the book of I Chronicles, which was compiled later, he is omitted. Did he fall from favor with the young king?

Ultimate Freedom
9.95 92p eBook 4.95

Paul's letter to the Galatians is second only to his letter to the Romans in importance. In it he so clearly lays down the primary principles of Christian grace and faith.

Download Encouragement and Healing Verses PDF HERE. When PDF file appears hover in lower right area and click ‘save’ icon (looks like a computer disc.) THEN from the “view” menu choose ‘activate read out loud’, then again from the ‘view’ menu choose ‘read to end of document’.    If you need a FREE PDF viewer get it HERE. COMPUTER WILL READ IT FOR YOU.

The Patriots’ Gift

14.95   282p  eBook 7.95

     In this new novel The United States has divided into five nations by the year 2050 A.D. Each of these nations has different convictions and beliefs. The Texican Republic was the first to leave in 2036. They were followed by The North West Federation, The Central Alliance, and The Southern Confederation. The United States also continues. This story follows the efforts of one family as they strive to reunite these nations. Stephen George Hampton II was born in 2040. When The Southern Confederation began in 2050 he was 10 years old. Stephen’s calling and mission is to reunite The Texican Republic with The Southern Confederation.

     On February 10, 2035 with an absolute unwillingness to be a part of the U.N. takeover the state of Texas with Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Arizona declared the Independent Texas Republic and declared war on the drug cartels.